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Our 5 Employment Centres (Central Toronto, Etobicoke, Lawrence, Scarborough and Weston) offer the following Workshops:

Résumé and Cover Letter Workshops:

Are you struggling to write your résumé or not hearing back from employers after submitting an application? Not sure what to highlight or remove in your cover letter? Our trained specialists will guide you through the fundamentals of writing an all-star résumé and cover letter, including proper formatting tips, effective keyword integration, and other strategies to secure your spot at the top of an employer’s call list. Let us show you how to write with confidence about the skills and talents you have to offer.

Offered by Central Toronto, Etobicoke, Lawrence and Weston Employment Centres

Resume Workshop:

An in-depth look at how to build the perfect resume to highlight how you would be the ideal candidate for job opportunities.  Learn to identify the attributes that will make you shine as you tailor your resume for each unique opportunity.  You will also practice how to make  benefit statements that will show an employer how you will bring value to the role.

Offered by Scarborough Employment Centre

Cover Letter Workshop:

Honing in on cover letters specifically, this workshop will teach you how to highlight your relevant skills and accomplishments in less than 350 words. We will show you how to write and format various types of cover letters, in addition to outlining the must-haves and do’s/don’ts.

Offered by Scarborough Employment Centre

Job Search Strategies:

Looking for work can be overwhelming, but don’t despair! Our experienced staff will train you in effective job search and networking strategies, while also providing practical tips and tools that can assist job seekers in navigating the hidden job market. We’ll help you develop your 30-second “elevator pitch” and teach strategic techniques in cold calling employers, setting up informational interviews, and leveraging social media for networking purposes.

Offered by all 5 Career Foundation Employment Centres - Central Toronto, Etobicoke, Lawrence, Scarborough and Weston

Interview Coaching / Practice Workshop:

Interviews require significant preparation, and The Career Foundation has done some of the prep work for you through its Interview Coaching Workshop! This workshop covers a variety of topics including types of interviews, common interview questions, effective communication strategies, and using appropriate body language. In this session, participants will complete a brief mock interview and receive detailed personalized feedback from experienced staff. We’ll ensure that you feel ready and confident for your next interview!

Offered by Central Toronto Employment Centre

Interview Prep Workshop :

This workshop will equip you with the tools you need to research and prepare for interviews. We’ll also improve your ability to respond to various types of interview questions.

Offered by Etobicoke, Lawrence, Scarborough and Weston Employment Centres

Interview Troubleshooting Workshop:

Have you been getting interviews but not successful in securing employment? Come in to identify and address the reasons why. Some elements of the workshop:
Tell me about yourself story; Hidden  interview questions; Importance of providing examples; Body language and presence

The content and structure of the session varies from group to group as it’s based on particular needs of the group. Individual needs and situations will be addressed

Offered by Central Toronto Employment Centre

Successful Networking Workshop:

After attending this interactive workshop, you’ll feel more confident about connecting and sharing with others – an essential skill for job seekers. You’ll learn: How to get in – and out – of a conversation with ease; Tips to engage with others; Techniques to help you manage your anxiety

Offered by Central Toronto Employment Centre

Introduction to LinkedIn Workshop:

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for networking and obtaining employment. In our Introduction to LinkedIn Workshop, you’ll learn how to set up and manage a strong LinkedIn profile that appeals to recruiters and employers. We’ll also teach you the basics of LinkedIn’s key features, such as connecting with people in your network, structuring your profile, and effectively conveying your skills and work history.

Offered by Central Toronto Employment Centre

LinkedIn for Job Search Workshop (Advanced):

Fine-tune your LinkedIn profile while learning to optimize your connections and expand your virtual reach. We’ll review the elements of a strong profile and discuss ways to connect with potential employers, engage with groups of interest and conduct strategic job searches. This workshop is meant as a continuation of the Intro to LinkedIn Workshop; however, it is open to all individuals with a basic understanding of LinkedIn’s key functions.

Offered by Central Toronto and Weston Employment Centre

Second Career Information Session:

Have you been laid-off?  Are you unemployed? You can get financial support to develop new skills in high-demand fields when you qualify for Second Career. The Second Career Information Session will provide full instruction on (1) suitability and eligibility, (2) the application process, and (3) other programs and services to assist you in returning to work.

Offered by Central Toronto, Etobicoke, Lawrence and Weston Employment Centres

You’ve Got the Job … Now What?

Congrats on your new gig! However, there’s still work to do. This workshop will highlight critical strategies to retaining long-term employment, such as the “9 Rules of Work,” overcoming daily work challenges, dealing with conflict, managing stress, and maintaining a positive image at work.

Offered by Scarborough Employment Centre

Career Exploration

Explore your next career using your “V.I.S.A” (Values, Interests, Skills and Aptitudes). This workshop will inspire you to think about and ultimately answer the question, “What do I want to do with my life?” In short, we’ll help you determine which jobs best match your skills and interests.

Offered by Central Toronto and Scarborough Employment Centre

Introduction to Skilled Trades

Are you interested in learning more about the skilled trades? This workshop will cover all the basics you need to know to get you started. You will learn “What is a Skilled Trade”, “Types of Trades”, and “What is Apprenticeship”. This workshop is an introduction. Additional trades-related workshops will soon follow.

Offered by Central Toronto, Etobicoke, Lawrence and Weston Employment Centres


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