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Youth Applicants Arborist Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Career Foundation’s Arborist Pre-Apprenticeship Program has submitted a proposal to run another training program for 2017. If funded, the application and screening process will begin on November 21, 2016 and the tentative training start date would be January 16, 2017. Interested candidates can submit the application form provided and will be contacted once the program status has been confirmed. This program is contingent upon funding. Program status and funding announcements will be shared on this website.



Are you interested in nature and trees?  Do you enjoy being active and outside? If so, you may be interested in joining the Arborist Pre-Apprenticeship Program. No experience is required.


The Arborist Pre-Apprenticeship Program is geared to youth looking to gain training and experience in the arborist industry. There is no cost to participate in the program. For the duration of 34 weeks, participants are equipped with:


- Exposure to the Arboriculture industry

- Arborist Apprenticeship Level 1 Training

- Pre-employment workshops

- Paid work placement with an Arborist company

- Safety equipment and climbing harness

- Secondary trade exposure in Horticultural Technician




Program Eligibility

- High School Diploma required (or equivalent)
- 18 to 29 years old
- Unemployed or underemployed
- Youth must be available to devote to full-time studies
- G license is an asset or commitment to obtaining it as soon as possible

This program is funded by the Government of Ontario. Although there is no cost for participation, youth are expected to cover travel and living expenses while participating in the full time training program.

Program Application & Selection

The program enrolls participants once annually based on funding. The selection process consists of 4 steps and includes the following:

- Complete a Program Application Form
- Attend an Information Session
- Attend Humber College’s Demonstration Day
- Participate in an Interview

If you wish to apply, please complete the program application and submit it to the email address or fax number indicated at the top of the form.


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